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Did you know... 

...Americans spend more time researching for a new vehicle than they do looking at retirement plan options or mortgage loans? 

Financial Planning has many different definitions. For the sake of ​mutual understanding, we've defined financial planning as the practice of realizing what a client wants to achieve during their lifetime and helping them make informed decisions to get there. 

There are countless benefits of Financial Planning and the ability to expand your value in today's value-driven culture. 

  • Client Benefits - Financial advisors help guide clients to better understand their decisions regarding their finances.​​

  • Goals - Our advisors analyze client's goals and build a plan that helps successfully achieve those goals. 

  • Peace of Mind - Clients can rest assured knowing that everything regarding their finances has been covered, considered, and planned to have fewer worries about their money. 

The Planning Process

Step 1:

Get to know the clients' personal and financial situation. 

Advisors will review your assets, debt, current and potential future income, expenses and goals.

Step 2:

Identify primary objectives and quantify the goals. Build an easy to follow budget.  

Categorize your lifelong hopes and dreams into several primary goals, such as retirement, a wedding, new car, or to become  debt-free by reducing monthly interest payments and more.

Step 3:

Financial tools such as ClientWorks will help you visualize the performance of your portfolio.


Reviewing and analyzing your portfolio to determine likeliness to reach their goals based on their current course.  

Step 4:

Our advisors will piece together a plan for you that highlights what is recommend based on the analysis.

You will be able to see potential outcome of your proposed path and its potential benefit.

Step 5

Implementing the strategies chosen by our advisors.

Your portfolio is monitored and periodically re-balanced. Enjoy the convenience of personalized planning.


"Our mission is to make financial advice and investment services simpler than ever. We believe that our wealth vision program is a road map that greatly benefits our client's in understanding  the progress towards their goals."

-Dave Neterer

As an advisor, my job is to help you determine what is most important to you and design strategies to help you work toward those goals. The financial planning process allows me to identify all areas of your life that may be impacting your finances and your short and long-term goals.

Armed with this information, I can help you make informed decisions and put in place strategies to address all of your goals at each stage of your life. This comprehensive plan will provide you with a long-term outlook that measures how you’re tracking toward each of your goals.


Financial planning encompasses a lot more than just planning for retirement or designing the right investment portfolio. It broadens our scope to ensure your goals at each stage of your life are covered in our plan, whether you’re just starting out and want to save for a home, are looking to save for your child’s education, are planning for retirement, or are looking past retirement to wealth transfer. Our discussions will go into goals you might not have considered, like future gifting to your children or a favorite charity. We’ll also discuss saving versus spending and review the impact of certain financial decisions on the likelihood of reaching your objectives.


By working together in a financial planning framework, you’ll know what’s necessary to reach your lifetime goals and have a plan, designed by me, to help you work toward them.

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