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Why is Working with a Financial Advisor Important?

Did you know October is National Financial Planning Month and the perfect time to review your personal finances? If you do not have a financial advisor, you might wonder why it is important to work with one. Some people worry that working with an advisor involves a lot of time and effort. However, we have the experience and access to the necessary tools to build a plan that aligns with your financial goals and objectives. We try to make it as seamless as possible for our clients. Others assume they cannot afford a financial advisor. Our investment management advisory fees range from .85% to 1.5% depending on the size of the account, a minimal amount to have someone effectively managing your money. Still others think it might be too late to start their financial planning. Whether you are just beginning your career path, in the middle of it or already have retired, we can help you manage and protect your wealth at any age.

Having grown up in a family of astute investors, becoming a financial advisor was only natural for me. From day one of my career, I have been committed to helping others. There is nothing more satisfying than being part of a client's financial success. The financial world is becoming more and more challenging every day, but we have the services to make it easier for you!

To start, we will review your financial goals and objectives. Then we will look at your retirement plans, risk tolerance, your estate plan and Social Security and Medicare, if you have reached that point in your life. We can also help you with education funding for private schools and college as well as life insurance. Our firm provides informative webinars, newsletters and other relevant resources for our clients. We offer secure, online access to your investment account information through Account View 2.0 via desktop, tablet or smartphone app.

Four out of five advisors here at Sterling Financial Management have over 25 years of experience a piece. We offer a complimentary first appointment to determine your needs and the potential costs. I know my clients enjoy the trust, experience and consistent attention that is the hallmark of our service. Let us share the same with you!

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