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Mitch Neterer

Financial Advisor Assistant

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Mitch Neterer recently joined Sterling Financial Management as a financial advisor assistant helping the advisors with financial plans, conducting research and completing client paperwork. He previously interned with the firm from 2016-2019 where he first learned the different aspects of the business. Mitch graduated from Waynesboro High School in 2017 and is currently enrolled at Pennsylvania Western University majoring in economics. He chose economics because he enjoys learning about international trade, monetary policies and the federal government.


Mitch worked most recently as a UPS delivery driver, where he communicated with a variety of different people, had to meet numerous deadlines and adjust quickly to an ever-changing environment.


Born and raised in Waynesboro, Mitch lives there currently with his wife and their dog Mabel. He enjoys playing basketball and football, hunting, fishing and hiking.


E-mail Mitch Neterer at



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