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Ken Smith

Private Wealth Manager


Ken Smith is a private wealth manager who joined the Sterling Financial Management team in 2015. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business, majoring in finance from Frostburg State University in 1991 and has over 29 years of experience helping clients manage their money and goals. Ken met fellow Sterling Financial Management advisors, Kelly Batey and Dave Neterer, in 1996 and 1998 respectively. They worked together for years providing investment advice for clients at the then Home Federal Savings Bank.


Ken enjoys meeting new clients and working with them to face challenges and solve problems together as a team. Ken said, “I've met many of my clients initially when they needed to address their 401(k) concerns when retiring or changing jobs. Some clients have inherited money. Some have sold homes or farms. Some clients are simply getting started by making monthly investments. So, whether I'm managing millions for a retired client, working with a 20 year old who's adding $100/month to their investments, or the majority of people who fall in between those extremes, I'm doing my best to act prudently in their best interests and to try to get them to where they strive to be.”

Ken and his wife live along the Antietam Creek a few miles south of Sharpsburg, Maryland. Accordingly, they enjoy canoeing, fishing and relaxing in the campgrounds they have carved out along the creek.

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